How to make perfect the basic pastry crust.  Sigh.

It is about the butta.

I am learning every week.  As a vender at the Healdsburg Farmer’s Market,   I bake cookies, cupcakes brownies and pie.  Cookies are my friends.  Raisin Dusted Oatmeal cookies, Cranberry oatmeal white chocolate cookies, Salted Caramel Brownie, and Raspberry dusted brownie.I am inspired with the new flavors of cupcakes, o, Strawberry Basil and Bacon Maple! I have been picking blackberries on the farm and in the creek by my house, so I thought, ummm:  hand pie. As I get my kitchen Aid out, (my old iron horse mixer keeps working) but it means…the crust.  I made it by hand (first time) with the pastry blender with my girlfriend. By hand? I needed some support. It was ok.  But I use my old pal mixer now.

It must be flaky, sweet, and not dry. I have tried many recipes to make the perfect crust. I know, there is a home baker out there who knows what I am saying. Through my failures, I can say, unsalted butter and Crisco is the way to go. My mom swears by shortening. She is right….but it needs butter too, unsalted butter.  When you roll the dough out with the unsalted butter and Crisco, (it is soft), you can see bits the butter in the dough, and you know it will be, well…..Perfection.  I may not be an authority in making the ideal crust, it is my experience. Oh, put the bowl, beaters, butter, flour, sugar, Crisco in the fridge to get cold….burr. Use ice water with an egg. I know, a lot to do but means a flaky tender crust.

blackberry hand pie

blackberry 2"

So, modern. Yum.

Evita is finished.  ):  Do cry for me……ha


My mom,(84 young) is a gifted painter. Check out her watercolor prints. Art page.


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